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 Through a series of masterclasses and weekly mentorship, we are dedicated to achieving your academic and professional goals. From optimizing your resume and perfecting your personal statement to acing your interview to prepare you for graduate school - your dreams are much closer than you think.

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Quickly learn the brain-based methods designed to help you learn how to absorb information and improve your GPA.

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Learn how to profoundly grow your resume, drastically improve your personal statement, and perfect your interview.

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Ultimately, our goal is to help you impact lives through your passion. But first, you need to get accepted. At BrainBox, we prepare you to be admitted into the school of your dreams.

Improve Your GPA Through Our BrainBox BluePrint

Learning how to learn will drastically improve your GPA.

Our BrainBox Blueprint is designed to help you achieve that 4.0 with less effort and in less time. BrainBox lessons, workshops, and mentorship sessions are rooted within the evidence-based concepts of brain-based learning - a system used by top colleges and universities such as Harvard, Johns Hopkins, and USC.

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"If it wasn't for this program, I couldn't have got the GPA I needed to get in!" 

-Melissa Chavez, Michigan State University

"The best investment I ever made!"

-Ruth Ramos, San Diego State University

"I finally feel like I'm on the right track." 

-Ashley Martinez, University of California, Los Angeles

Stay On Track With Weekly Mentorship Calls

Guiding you every step of the way.

Our team will sit down with you to help guide and mentor you. At BrainBox, we host weekly mentorship calls with you to check-in and ensure you stay on track to accomplish your academic and professional goals.

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To Succeed, Your Mindset Matters

Control your thoughts with our Millionaire Mindset Series. 

Your mindset controls every choice you make - for most, this results in poor results. To help you succeed in accomplishing your goals, our Millionaire Mindset will help you take charge of your thoughts each and every day.

Accomplish Your Goals With Health, Love & Happiness 

Success without achievement is the ultimate failure.

Our goal is not to simply help accomplish your goals, but to ensure that you are happy while doing so. Through our Health, Love, and Happiness course, we prioritize your happiness. Through a series of courses, you'll become more centered and happier while accomplishing more than ever before.


Improve Your Resume Through Our Resume Academy 

Your resume makes all the difference.  

Our Resume Academy will drastically improve your chances to acquire incredible opportunities, internships, and scholarships. 

Join the students who have landed seats in TOP universities across the country by joining the Academy and see your life change.

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Transform Your Statement Through Our Personal Statement Series

Helping you separate yourself from the crowd.

Through our Personal Statement Series, we address one of biggest challenges students face in standing out among applicants. We will walk you exactly how to write a personal statement so that your name is chosen to interview for the programs of your choice.

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Ace Your Interview Through Our Interview Masterclass

Ensuring you perform your best come interview day. 

After all the work you've done, it's time to show the program what you have to offer. Studies show that interviews are where the majority of the decisions are made. In other words, your interview can make or break your chances. With our Interview Masterclass, you are sure to make a lasting impression on any admissions committee.

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Get Accepted Into Your Top Choice

Through our program of masterclasses and invaluable mentorship every week, you will be able to choose where you want to go to school. You will be interviewing schools as much as they are interviewing you. Remember, the path to making an impact is to go to a program you can feel proud of moving forward - we help bring that dream into a reality.

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"They're really laying down the guide for students." 

-Enrique Lopez, University of California, Davis

"Truly changed my life."

-Micaelah Morris, University of California, Davis


"I would've never thought where I am was possible."

-Sier Bafaiz, University of San Francisco

Our BrainBox Community

One of the most important factors to success in college is community. We've provided our students a platform where they can share ideas and stay up to date with all that is happening on a weekly basis. When you join our Facebook Group, you're not only part of a community - you're part of the BrainBox family.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Graduate School Acceptance Academy


  • Resume Academy - Designed to boost your resume with experiences and details to ensure you become the most wholistic applicant possible
  • Personal Statement Series - A step-by-step series to mirror your outstanding resume in your writing so that you land the interview you deserve
  • The Interview Masterclass - A high-level series designed to show you exactly how to stand out on interview day so that you receive the acceptance you've dreamed of
  •  Weekly Group Mentorship: 1-Hour Q&A mentorship that provides students the support to have their questions answered and their goals accomplished